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wordless STORY #sanaton #6:6 by BLOGitse

13 hrs daylight…

    Hi everyone!   13 hrs daylight means it’s getting light at 6 am and light light at 7 am. Our bedroom needs extra blackout curtain. Last year we were too busy or lazy but yesterday we bought the fabric! Now I need to sew it…   It’s time to say ‘bye bye March!’

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paper yarn something new_4 theme art april 2017 by BLOGitse

pouches, teeth and oven…

      First of all, I’m sorry not visiting your blogs but last couple of weeks have been ‘difficult’.   My diverticulosis activated again but I started antibiotics on Tuesday.   My dental project has began – now I have six temporary teeth on upper jaw… sitting on that chair 2,5 hrs wasn’t that

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teemataide theme art March 2016 scenery maisema_5 by BLOGitse

just colors…

  It’s weekend again!   During this week I’ve been sunbathing twice! 🙂 it was nice and sunny in our terrace but…   I had to have warm clothes on so it was only face and hands sunbathing 🙂     Here are my last paintings for     theme art month March ‘scenery’  

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mukavaa pääsiäistä happy easter by BLOGitse

spring is here!

     Yes, it’s true – spring is here! A few weeks earlier than ‘normally’ but what is normal today!       Shadow Shot Sunday2     Sundays In My City          

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happy easter holiday by BLOGitse

Happy Easter holidays!

      It’s time to relax   enjoy beautiful weather   sunshine   and   good food and wine!     Happy Easter holidays to everyone!     Shadow Shot Sunday2     Sundays In My City     Monday Mellow Yellow          

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makroviikko/macro week challenge #4

  makroviikko #4 /macro week #4 teema: pääsiäinen & sisällä kuvattu theme: Easter & shot inside       Mignon-muna / Mignon egg     •           ps. Digital Fun Challenge on Wednesday here theme #26 >>> spirals <<<  

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