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a leaf edited by BLOGitse

playing with autumn

  weekend photos with shadows 🙂       I’d like to know which one you like most, original or edited version!        A is original and B edited picture.   LEAVES leaves A or B?      BRANCHES  branches A or B?    A LEAF  a leaf A or B?    

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playing with Sumo Paint 2…

I’m hooked! 🙂 At the weekend I want to learn how to play with layers…   This is the original b & w picture…         You find Sumo Paint here (no, I don’t get any money, I just like to play and share…)   Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking

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playing with Sumo Paint…

Why didn’t I have Sumo Paint when I was a kid? 😥   Original black & white ice photo…     •   1. I started with pink/blue/white background plus black paintbrush…   ↓   2. still the same 1. picture and now more colours… ↓     3. editing this one… ↓   4.

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