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one of my suns by BLOGitse

Fri 9.6.2017 sunrise 3:59 – sunset 22:42

  and we have full moon today here in Southern Finland! I wake up every morning 5 am because it’s so bright (I get up later though).   We’ve been painting outside walls, planted grass seeds (hopefully good ones), organizing furniture and stuff inside… This sun we bought from Egypt when we lived in Cairo…

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deadlock in Egypt 5.2.2011

  BBC: Mubarak moves to restart economy     “Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has held talks with ministers to try to revive an economy hit by a wave of anti-government protests.”   •   The New York Times: Egypt officials seek to nudge Mubarak out “Military leaders, vice president, others look at limiting president’s powers”

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"day of departure" in Egypt 4.2.2011

After Friday prayers Egyptians across the country calling for Mubarak’s resignation on the day “day of departure”. These are shots from Al Jazeera.             Watch AlJazeera live here    

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"Father knows best"

That title is the message vice president Omar Suleiman wanted to tell to whole world. Dictator Mukarab is the father and he knows what is best for his country.                       Vice president Omar Suleiman I’m sorry but this is a dangerous man. Do not trust

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clashes in Tharir Square…

Men on horseback and camels rushed into Tahrir Square…   Mr Mubarak – is this what you wanted? To have your people against each others? How low is that!     I shot this picture of tv-screen 2.2.2011 at 12:27 Casa time, 14:27 Cairo time   UPDATE MORE PICTURES            

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a million man march in Egypt

WHY? Torture is an endemic problem in Egypt and ending police abuse has been a driving element behind the massive popular demonstrations that swept Egypt over the past week, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Prosecuting torture and ending the emergency laws that enable a culture of impunity for the security forces

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revolution in Egypt cont.

The US embassy in Cairo has advised all Americans currently in Egypt to consider leaving as soon as possible, given the unrest. The UK authorities have advised against all but essential travel to the country for its citizens. Key appointments The international messages came hours after Mubarak appointed the country’s head of intelligence to the

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revolution in Egypt…

Most of you remember that we lived in Cairo for two years. Already then we were told that this will happen. Egyptian people want Mubarak out. Why the hell it’s so difficult to step down? How much more he wants hate on his face? Changing the prime minister or government doesn’t help. Egyptians want Mubarak

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photos of the weekend #20

This weekend all the pictures are old because  Blogger is not willing to upload my new pictures… These are Cairo memories… Have a beautiful day!

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