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morning walk in Casa downtown…

This morning I had my first longer walk – here are  couple of pictures I took…I walk only one street at the time because I got already lost once! Tassa muutamia kuvia aamukavelylta…Uskallan kavella yhden kadun ees taas koska eksyin jo kerran – talla kertaa selvisin hienosti! 🙂 OMAN wanted to practise English with me… 🙂

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greetings from Casa, Morocco!

Here we are, in Casablanca > Casa, Morocco! What a beautiful, small city if you compare to Cairo. But we don’t compare because these two cities are totally different! We’ve been so happy to be able to walk again! Just out of the hotel door and it’s easy to walk to the beach or to the Twin

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thank you readers! kiitos lukijani!

Thank you all who are reading my blog! Kiitos kaikille blogini lukijoille! I got a badge of Top 100 Expat Blogs. This is an exception, I accepted this award… You find my blog here. Here’s the badge Top 100 Blogs “The Daily Reviewer selects only the world’s top blogs (and RSS feeds). We sift through

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