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29facesFeb2019_#29 by BLOGitse

faces and masks

I’m back! As you can see this blog looks different – please give me feedback – is everything working ok? We get so much information today that I thought to keep this blog as ‘clean and simple’ as possible. As February is over, so is #29faces Feb 2019… #29 #20 All my #29faces Feb 2019

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29facesFeb2019_#7 by BLOGitse

updating soon…

  Hi everyone! There are several issues why my blog needs updating. Soon!   via GIPHY   I’ll change the look, the host plus it will be FAST to land here…SOON! 🙂 And in the future you don’t need to type your name and URL if you’ve been here before!   Now for this weeks

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winter 2019 in Finland by BLOGitse

different faces

  Hi everyone! This winter Finland has been a real winter paradise. This is a snow face of nature       These ink faces are for #29faces Feb 2019 All my faces are -> HERE     and     Paint Party Friday   #6   #7   #8   This is a fake

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guess who by BLOGitse

this and that

  Hi everyone!   It’s February! jeeeeeee! I’m full of energy and so ready for spring!   #29faces starts again, this is my first picture   #1     All faces will be here I’ll post faces there on Tuesdays and Fridays.   Sometimes I just doodle and later I notice it could be something

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Theme Art Feb 2017 stamps I use by BLOGitse

stamping and faces

  So much to do this week, drawing, stamping, painting…it’s been a fun week!   Did you have a good week?     Theme Art February’s challenge:   use self-made stamps or blocks   This time I use ready-made, next time I’ll use self-made stamps             If you didn’t get

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theme art Feb 2016 selfie 2_5 by BLOGitse

faces 2-5 + half selfie/teemakuun omakuva

    5/6 of me.   Tässä loput viisi erillistä kuvaa yhdessä     now half selfie 🙂 ja nyt koko pituudelta puolikas minä 🙂     This work is not good but I did it. Done. Over.   hahah 🙂 kiinalainen tussi on housujen kohdalla hiukka eri vahvuista mutta eipä ole kokoneisuus muutenkaan onnistunut.

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