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by BLOGitse

wedding and event planner

      In my infinite curiosity, the other day I stumbled upon the website of a Finnish woman who lives in Madrid, Spain.   She has recently started her own business as an exclusive Wedding & Event Planner. I contacted her to learn more.       She told me she plans and organizes

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Siirtolapuutarha fabric by Marimekko by BLOGitse

Marimekko – made in Finland

  weekend #30 photos   A couple of weeks ago we visited Marimekko factory outlet. This fabric looks good on a big table…     SIIRTOLAPUUTARHA pattern design Maija Louekari     Marimekko is famous of intriguing combinations, bold colors and b&w patterns…     sale, sale, sale…   summertime…     One of my

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Tarvaspää Cafe and Restaurant by BLOGitse

Akseli Gallen-Kallela Museum

  weekend #24 photos   Last weekend I posted about Peter Dahl’s paintings in Gallen-Kallela Museum.   This post is about the museum.   It was at Tarvaspää that Gallen-Kallela was able to realize the dream of his youth: “Out in the wilds I would like to own a crenellated castle, with a tower of

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Ville Löppönen: I KILLED MY GOD

strong and fragile

    weekend #11 photos   These strong paintings are made by a Finnish artist   Ville Löppönen    His solo exhibition I KILLED MY GOD in   Gallery Kalhama & Piippo, Helsinki, Finland           Sundays In My City     •   These fragile pics are made by BLOGitse. Tulip art

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eyes drawn by BLOGitse

eyes, shadows and Sibelius

  photos of the weekend #49   I’m trying to learn how to draw eyes. I cut these eyes from a magazine and tried to copy them with a  soft pencil. Huh, not easy but I’m not giving up. More coming later! 🙂       It’s dark outside. In Helsinki we have daylight from

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Purge (Puhdistus) February 10 – 20, 2011 in New York

Purge (Puhdistus) directed by Zishan Ugurlu February 10 – February 20, 2011   First Floor Theather, New York   La MaMa’s First Floor Theatre is located at 74A East 4th Street.   Purge (Puhdistus) A manifestation of women’s resistance and survival in the face of violence, Sofi Oksanen merges the historical Soviet occupation of Estonia

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Greetings from Casablanca, Morocco! I had a great time in Helsinki but it’s nice to be back with my husband…     Espa, Helsinki 1.10.2010 – still green…     You could sit outside and have a drink…     It was a beautiful and warm day…     Sun was shining and people were

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Learn to speak Finnish in 3 minutes

Learn to speak Finnish in 3 minutes!     Important phrases like: Moi! = Hi! / Bye!   Iso tuoppi! = Could I have a pint of beer, please!   Kippis! = Cheers!   Kiitos! = Thank you!   Sinulla on kauniit siniset silmät. = You have beautiful blue eyes.   All those phrases and

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Bye, bye calories!!!

Yesterday Mary asked in her comment about walking sticks. They are not sticks, they are POLES. Sorry! 🙂Background of Nordic Walking Nordic Walking uses specifically designed poles to engage the upper body during fitness walking. Nordic Walking was first used as a summer training method by cross-country skiers. It was then developed into a fitness exercise with specific

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