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peony bud 9.6.2017 by BLOGitse

water + color…

    together is watercolor 😆   Last couple of days have been SUNNY and WARM!   I bought a pile of 300 g paper from England. Oh, and have I painted – yes, yes, yes! I really like that paper and I must, must order more of it before all 100 sheets are gone……..

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window frames by BLOGitse

just flowers

  Our sauna building renovation is still going on. Now my duty is to sand window frames and paint them. I’ll show you when these are totally different color!       I haven’t had time or energy to paint, draw much but all Theme art flowers are done.   Loput teemakuun kukat kollaasin kera

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teemataide theme art May 2016 kukkia flowers _2 by BLOGitse


  again, ahchoo!   Sorry but we’ve had terrible…achoo! virus…aaaahchoo!   Hubby had fever, my biggest problem has been pain in head, felt like a heavy balloon…   Somebody said it’s B virus… I feel better now but not totally ‘normal’….hopefully totally recovered soooon!   How do YOU feel, everything okay?     Just two

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watercolor fun_1 by BLOGitse

watercolor fun

  Greetings from summery sunny Finland!   We’ve had amazing weather for a week now… to do our sauna building renovation! 🙂 It’s been noisy and dusty – that part mainly done. good.   The other day I played with thin paper… first loosely wrinkled, added watercolors…       Paint Party Friday    

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Hauskaa vappua by BLOGitse

ring, ring, ring it’s SPRING!

        I’ve been sewing after toooo long break. It took for a while to find right rhythm and ‘see’ how to modify patterns. Here are a few fabrics I’ve been working with.       April’s Theme art ‘minimalist’ all six works are done.   Waiting what’s the theme for May….  

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R.I.P. Prince by BLOGitse

R.I.P. Prince

            I’ve danced like a hurricane with Prince, my hubby has always respected Prince as a great musician, an artist.       ♥       Last two of six Theme art works…   Teemataiteen viimeiset kaksi työtä…       #5/6       #6/6     Paint

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to enjoy by BLOGitse

the joys of spring

    are surprises reaching for the sun…     and old peas became a soup 🙂       the other night hubby made yummy pea soup with whipped cream and a fresh pea shoot…       Theme art ‘April 2016 ‘minimalism’ Teemakuun minitaidetta   (previous post here / edellinen postaus täällä)  

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teemataide theme art April 2016 minimalism minimalismi_1 by BLOGitse

theme art and sitting…

    It’s time for April’s Theme art ‘minimalism’.   Teemakuun taidetta huhtikuu 2016   ‘minimalismi’         #1/6       #2/6   watercolor and ink, size 9×13 cm (3,5×5 in)       I did a series of watercolor + ink abstracts too, size A3 here’s one     I can

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teemataide theme art March 2016 scenery maisema_5 by BLOGitse

just colors…

  It’s weekend again!   During this week I’ve been sunbathing twice! 🙂 it was nice and sunny in our terrace but…   I had to have warm clothes on so it was only face and hands sunbathing 🙂     Here are my last paintings for     theme art month March ‘scenery’  

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first you have sauna and then by BLOGitse

swim in or ski on

    It’s a winter day…sunny moment.   First you have a good ‘löyly’ in sauna…then you walk down and…     dive or jump in! eeeek! yes, it’s cold!   but sunny   or would you like to ski on the lake?             Which is it for you to

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