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Landwehrkanal, Berlin by BLOGitse

city break in BEARlin, part 3

  weekend #17 photos   Previous posts are here 1 & here 2.     Gerhard Richter’s art is…AMAZING!   His photo paintings are amazing, his abstract works are amazing, wow!     Landwehrkanal    Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany February 12, 2012 – May 13, 2012    A looong queue at 10:30 am    Not

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Berlin out of a plane window by BLOGitse

city break in BEARlin, part 1

  weekend #15 photos   Greetings from BEARlin!   What a city! Impossible to explore enough in a couple of days. But I’m happy to experience a drip now. It’s easy to go back – only 1,5 hrs from Helsinki!   This is a view from air (or views)     shopping, shopping, shopping shopping

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This is pure sh***** part 3.

Sorry if you’re new here and wanted something more sexier or naughty or ugly…No, this is pure SH***** = = = > S H A R I N G!Sharing is the main issue in social media. You give and you get. This is interaction.More and more bloggers and companies are marketing or selling stuff. Lots of bloggers have

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