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a leaf edited by BLOGitse

playing with autumn

  weekend photos with shadows 🙂       I’d like to know which one you like most, original or edited version!        A is original and B edited picture.   LEAVES leaves A or B?      BRANCHES  branches A or B?    A LEAF  a leaf A or B?    

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IWD 2012 – Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty

  United Nations   Theme for International Women’s Day 2012:   Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty     read more here and here     ♥         ‘Suomen UN Women on YK-taustainen järjestö, joka toimii naisten ja tyttöjen aseman parantamiseksi maailmassa. UN Womenin tavoitteena on saavuttaa kaikissa yhteiskunnissa tasa-arvo,

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the sexualization of children

Sexualization in products for children Some commercial products seen as promoting the sexualization of children have drawn considerable media attention:   Bratz Baby dolls that wear thongs. Girls aged 10 and 11 wearing thongs in primary school. Padded bras on bikinis aimed at seven-year-olds. Some people regard training bras similarly.   picture from Wikipedia …

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7 year old girls as sex objects…

“When Beyonce sings and dances to a song called Single Ladies it’s age appropriate and sends a message loud and clear that tells grown women if you’re not getting what you want out of a relationship, than move on. When seven year old girls slap on satin and lace hooker outfits and dance to Single

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