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Sibelius, Kusama and me

  8.12.2016 is composer Jean Sibelius‘s day (8.12.1865 – 20.9.1057) I love his music.   Finlandia Hymn is mostly sung in Finnish but these guys sing it quite well in English, right?   There are lots of versions of this piece also called ‘A Song of Peace’.       The other day I visited

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post number: 1490

    wow, that’s true, this is 1490th post!   Last weekend we visited our friend’s summerhouse (used all year round). No snow.  The sea looked cold. But I found some really green spots and grey beauties…                           This gouache painting ‘Is there

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a post full of challenges

    Hi everyone!     I’ve been painting a lot (with gouache and ink), taking photos and sweating with snow work 🙂   Trying to survive November 2016   ‘aesthetics of everyday life’   a challenge by Lepis   days 9. – 11.   (previous posts:  1.-2.,  3.-4., and 5.-8.)     day 9

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