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breast cancer – my story part 7. rintasyöpä – minun tarinani osa 7.

One year after… Vuoden jälkeen… 10.6.2010 was one year after my breast cancer surgery. I had my check up 7.6.2010 and got the results today:  CLEAN!  and all my blood test results are good too! Now I have one year for the next mammography.  I have a 5 years follow-up here in Helsinki, Syöpätautien klinikka…

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breast cancer – my story part 6. rintasyöpä – minun tarinani osa 6.

Today, 17.3.2010,  2 years ago we moved to Cairo… * * * breast cancer – my story part 6.  rintasyöpä – minun tarinani osa 6. On Wednesday 10.3.2010  it was 8 months from my breast cancer surgery 8 kk rintasyöpäleikkauksestani… You can check earlier posts: 1, 2, 3.1, 3.2, 4, 5. (Linkit aikaisempiin tarinani osiin 1-5) Do you remember this picture…

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today 6 weeks ago… tänään 6 viikkoa sitten…

today 6 weeks ago was ‘day after’ from my breast cancer operation… time flies – ONLY 6 weeks? and I feel ‘like normal’…I mean I can do everything, even lie on my left side…and swim etc. Isn’t if funny how the sausage from the armpit has disappeared!? that picture was taken 8 days after… tänään

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