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fheme art 'found faces' at least five by BLOGitse

just faces…

  Hi everyone! My world is full of faces, two art challenges and visitors this weekend!   All my 29faces Feb 2018 faces are HERE. This is #13   This is also for Paint Party Friday challenge   For Theme Art challenge February 2018 ‘found faces’ or hidden faces or faces everywhere I found from

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broken sim card by BLOGitse

winter is going on…on…on

    Hi everyone!   Our extra mobile had a sim card which was out of date. We opened that card… That arrow shows where all the information is.   The heart of information in our phones is packed in this small packet. Wow! less than 2 mm (0.079 inch)   Are you a curious

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Pekka Kauhanen art by BLOGitse

body and parts

Hi everyone! Remember I’ve been sewing – I got two pair of pants, one dress and a scarf ready for summertime! I have still a couple of fabrics waiting but so many other projects are waiting that I need a sewing break…   We visited Kiasma (the Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki) in December. This

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faces29 Feb 2017 #29 by BLOGitse

last face…almost

  This is it, last picture – number 29   for   29faces Feb 2017   challenge   #29       and one more   ‘an extra man’       I link these for   Paint Party Friday   where dozens of artists show their   works every Friday…     All my

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faces29 Feb 2017 #25 by BLOGitse

29faces Feb 2017: #25-28

    Wow, this is it – end of February!   #25       #26       #27       #28       Picture #29 I will post on Friday…    

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faces29 Feb 2017 #22 by BLOGitse

29faces Feb 2017: #22 – 24

    wow, February is soon gone and spring is peeping in a corner…   29faces Feb 2017 images #22 – 24     #22       #23       #24       Paint Party Friday         Have a relaxing weekend!      

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faces29 Feb 2017 #18 by BLOGitse

29 faces Feb 2017 – #18 – 21

    Previous face posts you find with a tag ‘ 29faces Feb 2017 ‘     # 18       #19       #20       #21       More faces coming on Friday…    

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faces29 Feb 2017 #15 by BLOGitse

DIY art: drawings and stamping with a sponge

      Hi everyone!   Drawing, drawing, stamping with a sponge – I’ve had a great drive this week.     Have you been creative? busy? had a good week?     First entries for   29faces February 2017 challenge   days #15 – 17   (previous days: search with a tag 29faces Feb

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faces29 Feb 2017 #11 by BLOGitse

more faces

      Happy Valentine’s Day!     ♥     Aurinkoista ystävänpäivää!     for 29faces Feb 2017 challenge     #11       #12       #13       #14     more coming on Friday… (this challenge means a lot of work but I love every minute!)    

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Theme Art Feb 2017 stamps I use by BLOGitse

stamping and faces

  So much to do this week, drawing, stamping, painting…it’s been a fun week!   Did you have a good week?     Theme Art February’s challenge:   use self-made stamps or blocks   This time I use ready-made, next time I’ll use self-made stamps             If you didn’t get

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