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I was lost…

Recently I’ve had several blogging problems. I googled for help. People who I asked couldn’t help. No luck. You know the feeling when you’re lost, totally lost and don’t know where to go next… I was totally lost. One day I noticed a blogger sharing tips. That’s how I met Lynda. Helping others. Sharing tips

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Khadija Chamrouk 9 years…

…needs our help! I saw this poster in our hotel lobby My regular readers know that I’m trying to learn French. Sauver > save  une vie > a life but whose life and why? I spoke with Dr. Hasnaa Azmi and treasurer Tazi Samir from Amicale… This translation is by google from the original French

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UPDATED: I can't upload pics from my computer!? heeelp!

I can upload pictures only  from Picasa,  URL  or from ‘this blog’ –  NOT from my computer! What has happened? Can you help me? UPDATE: I tried to post my actual posting for today but it didn’t work.  I inserted an url but no picture. Now I’m trying to get help but it seems to be

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