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time to relax…

that’s what this season is for us. No stress, no panic…we’re going to enjoy good food, drinks, reading… RELAXING is the best way to enjoy this season! Hope you’re relaxing too! Decorating is fun 🙂 This is for ThemeArt December 2019 ‘ decorated ’ Teemakuu-53 joulukuussa kuvien tulee olla ‘koristeltu’ Paint Party Friday Weekend 51

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bye bye year 2017 by BLOGitse

Happy holidays!

  Hi everyone! This is the last post this year. Rest of the year I’ll have a blogging break.     Paint Party Friday       Have a relaxing time, enjoy, don’t stress…   See you in January 2018 🙂         Leppoisaa joulunaikaa kaikille! Pidän bloggaustauon, täällä taas tammikuussa…    

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Happy Holidays 2016 by BLOGitse

Happy Holidays! Leppoisaa joulunaikaa!

    Happy Holidays to all my blog readers and   art friends in   Paint Party Friday         Leppoisaa joulunaikaa kaikille lukijoilleni!     I’ll be back….in 2017! 🙂    

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abstract for xmas by BLOGitse

Merry xmas!

      My entry for   Paint Party Friday     ink, watercolour             MERRY XMAS!   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!         I’ll be back after holidays….    

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Rumball Sparkling Shiraz by BLOGitse

sparkling new year

    All the best for this year 2015 to all my readers!     We started this year with yummy Australian Rumball red sparkling – our favorite!           Just before holidays I practiced my left hand again…   Paint Party Friday         ps. If you’re a Blogspot

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Happy Holidays by BLOGitse

Happy Holidays!

  Mandarin Orange Monday     It’s time to eat, drink and relax! I’ll be back at the end of next week (52)….        

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