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Irving Kirsch, Neil Pasricha…

At the weekend I found an interesting article of the placebo effect in the treatment of depression in Finnish. It’s based on Irving Kirsch’s work.   “Kirsch’s response expectancy theory is based on the idea that what people experience depends partly on what they expect to experience.” “His first meta-analysis was aimed at assessing the

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I love being a girl!

No, I’m not a feminist. But I’m a girl, a woman, who’s quite strong, stubborn, hard working, radical and kind (most of the time) and I want to continue talking about girls, women because it’s important. For all of us and our future.My younger son sent me a link to the first video. He said I’d

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hope & work=better tomorrow… toivo & työ=parempi huominen…

We visited the candle workshop and young mothers’ shelter of Hope Village Society (helps street children).In summer SEFE donated a safe melting pot to Hope Village Society’s candleworkshop of young street mothers. “The Society provides special care for the “Young Street Mothers” who are victims of street sexual abuse. The Society works hard to reintegrate

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