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how to survire Nov 2015_7 by BLOGitse

how to survive November 2015: 7 – 9

  Here’s a set of pictures to survive 🙂   November 2015: 7       November 2015: 8       November 2015: 9       I can’t post daily but Lepis can, check how she survives…    

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autumn drawing by BLOGitse when she was 7 years old

MANY years ago…

  I made this drawing years ago…I was 7 years old!!!     hahahah, sorry if this not a fair entry for   Paint Party Friday   but I had to post it…it’s so…cute 🙂     November goes on,   here are days 4, 5 and 6 pictures.   ‘How to survive November’  

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how to survire Nov 2015_1 by BLOGitse

how to survive November 2015: 1 – 3

November is the worst month of a year (even if it’s been this year so far really nice: sunny and + degrees!) But it will be colder, darker and shorter days… December goes quickly inside enjoying candle lights and wool socks… In January days are slowly getting longer and lighter.   But November. Good time

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