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klikattava linkki (clicky link)

Haluatko tehdä klikattavan linkin? Kas näin: BLOGIIN VIEVÄ LINKKI <a href=““>BLOGitse</a> POSTAUKSEEN VIEVÄ LINKKI <a href=“”>BLOGitse</a>   Tuohon “” merkkien väliin laitat oman blogisi TAI postauksen linkin ja > < merkkien väliin nimesi tai blogisi nimen Kopioi tuo peruslinkki talteen. Saat nopeasti uuden linkin kun vaihdat vain näiden merkkien “” väliin tulevan linkin. Huom! Postaus pitää aina ensin julkaista

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Why Blogger bloggers are so stubborn?

Why some Blogger bloggers are so stubborn? Why is it so difficult to change your comment settings so that it would be easy to leave a comment? Why some of you give only google account option? Why, please tell me! Why can’t you have Name/URL option? That way we (other than Blogger bloggers) would get

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commenting – blogger vs. wp?

As you know I’ve had this self-hosted blog now less than a week. Exploring and commenting other blogs I’ve noticed a new dilemma. Here I am leaving a comment on The Fifty Factor blog. She has a WordPress address but Blogger as a platform. (hm…is that correct way to say it?)   oooops, I can

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