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paper yarn something new_8 theme art april 2017 by BLOGitse

spring = more light

  Hi everyone! Thanks for your kind and supportive words last week! ♥ This week has been better even if I almost ate a dental implant screw. It’s back again…oh boy. But otherwise life is good! 🙂   For Theme Art challenge in April 2017 ’something new’         Previous posts here and

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paper yarn something new_4 theme art april 2017 by BLOGitse

pouches, teeth and oven…

      First of all, I’m sorry not visiting your blogs but last couple of weeks have been ‘difficult’.   My diverticulosis activated again but I started antibiotics on Tuesday.   My dental project has began – now I have six temporary teeth on upper jaw… sitting on that chair 2,5 hrs wasn’t that

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Hauskaa vappua by BLOGitse

ring, ring, ring it’s SPRING!

        I’ve been sewing after toooo long break. It took for a while to find right rhythm and ‘see’ how to modify patterns. Here are a few fabrics I’ve been working with.       April’s Theme art ‘minimalist’ all six works are done.   Waiting what’s the theme for May….  

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R.I.P. Prince by BLOGitse

R.I.P. Prince

            I’ve danced like a hurricane with Prince, my hubby has always respected Prince as a great musician, an artist.       ♥       Last two of six Theme art works…   Teemataiteen viimeiset kaksi työtä…       #5/6       #6/6     Paint

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to enjoy by BLOGitse

the joys of spring

    are surprises reaching for the sun…     and old peas became a soup 🙂       the other night hubby made yummy pea soup with whipped cream and a fresh pea shoot…       Theme art ‘April 2016 ‘minimalism’ Teemakuun minitaidetta   (previous post here / edellinen postaus täällä)  

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teemataide theme art April 2016 minimalism minimalismi_1 by BLOGitse

theme art and sitting…

    It’s time for April’s Theme art ‘minimalism’.   Teemakuun taidetta huhtikuu 2016   ‘minimalismi’         #1/6       #2/6   watercolor and ink, size 9×13 cm (3,5×5 in)       I did a series of watercolor + ink abstracts too, size A3 here’s one     I can

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forest #4 by BLOGitse

forests – metsiä #4 – #6

    Theme Art challenge April: 9 forests   Teemataiteen huhtikuun haaste: 9 metsää     #4 – #6     #4       #5         #6         All forests are here.     Kaikki metsät löytyy täältä.    

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