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end of May

Hi everyone! How are you? So, May is packed and and what? JUNE is here soon. 🙂 Before that ThemeArt May 2020 challenge has been ‘in the kitchen’   Teemakuu-58 toukokuun haaste on ollut ‘keittiössä’ #6/6 all six together / kaikki kuusi yhdessä Here are a few ink/watercolor paintings I’ve done recently. black and white

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a green thumb?

Do you have, a green thumb? I’m not sure. My orchid dropped flowers, I repotted it and now it’s blooming again! No idea what I did right! 🙂 I’m very good at killing all the plants and flowers. Let’s see how long that orchid will survive in my hands hahahah 🙂 ThemeArt May 2020 challenge

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la-la-laa May, oh May!

🙂 yes, I’m (still) so ‘May happy’! (Even though it was snowing in the morning!) How about you, are you happy? ThemeArt May 2020 challenge is ‘in the kitchen’ Teemakuu-58 toukokuu haaste on ‘keittiössä’ Here’s another rosemary and a radio which I carry with me from room to room when not listening our main radio.

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What a May!

My whole body rocks for May! Every time I go outside or look out of the window – my heart goes bum-bum-bum 🙂   ThemeArt May 2020 challenge is ‘in the kitchen’   Teemakuu-58 toukokuu haaste on ‘keittiössä’ #1 rosemary / rosmariini #2 This weekend it’s Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day! Many mothers will get

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are these steaks or fillet of beef? or tenderloin? miksi näitä pihvejä kutsutaan englanniksi? miksi pihvillä on niin monta nimeä?

finally I had camera with me in the kitchen…we had GOOD Aussie meat steaks? fillets? tenderloins? and (of course) red wine and some salad…here are the kings!how would you call these fillet of beef, tenderloin rather than steak?lopulta otin kameran keittiöön viikonlopun pihvinpaistosessioon…meillä oli TOSI HYVÄÄ Aussi sisäfilettä ja tietysti sen kanssa punkkua ja salaattia

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