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week 12 pics – viikon 12 kuvia

Ciao, come va?                  Hej, hur är det?                                                            Hei, mitä kuuluu?                            Comment allez-vous?                    Hi, how are you? wow! it’s the end of ThemeArt March 2021 challenge ‘at home’ • Tässä viimeinen kuva ja collage teemakuu-66 haasteeseen ‘kotona’   #6/6 This is the first of three abstracts I did a couple of weeks ago.

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week 11 pics – viikon 11 kuvia

Hi everyone! No news is good news, right? My weekly routine is the same, safe but active at home…   ThemeArt March 2021 challenge is ‘at home’ #5/6 Ylläoleva kuva on teemakuu-66 haasteeseen ‘kotona’ . Paint Party Friday .   This is sketchtime #39 Have a safe and relaxing weekend!  

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week 10 pics – viikon 10 kuvia

Hi everyone! How are you? I’m fine, writing, drawing… ThemeArt March 2021 challenge is ‘at home’ . Teemakuu-66 haaste on ‘kotona’ #2/6 #3/6 #4/6   Paint Party Friday   Here’s one of my quick morning sketches sketchtime #38 Have a relaxing weekend!    

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week 9 pics – viikon 9 kuvia

Hi everyone! It’s March, yes, yes, yes! I’ve had (tiny) writer’s block. My book project is resting but I’ve written several short stories to keep up the rhythm. Here I write as little as possible – I know how busy you all are 🙂   ThemeArt March 2021 challenge is ‘at home’ Teemakuu-66 haaste on

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