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Happy Holidays! Satumaista loppuvuotta!

  Hi everyone!   We’ve had a grey couple of weeks. The other day it was raining and at night it went below zero – waterdrops transformed to icedrops     We don’t buy nor give any xmas gifts – we have everything we need. But for Theme Art challenge I’ve made some gift wrapping

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step one of glad wrap painting by BLOGitse

painting with glad wrap

  Hi everyone! You remember my ballet dancer paintings here and here. This is how I made those skirts with glad wrap       just add watercolors on wet paper     here’s a detail     Let the paint dry well before removing the plastic…     This plastic wrap painting I link

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ballet dancer watercolor by BLOGitse

ballet dancer

  Hi everyone!   Last week I posted dancers, this week only one, ballet dancer…   I danced ballet until ‘bigger girls’ laughed at me… After that I’ve experienced more ‘laughs’ but SISU (willpower) has helped…   Did you experience those moments?   Nowadays new challenges are my hobby! 🙂 Like Paint Party Friday  

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