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La Malagueta Beach (Málaga, España) by BLOGitse

the morning…and after

  week #42 photos   ¡Hola a todos!   Let’s sing! All together now:     oooh, that was fun, right? 🙂     La Malaqueta beach can be this beautiful in the morning…     or     like ‘morning after’         Piss everywhere…at the weekends city center is like a

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'writing tool' twist-erase pentel shot by BLOGitse

twist-erase – my writing tool

  makroviikko/macro week challenge #75   teema / theme:   kirjoitusväline / ’a writing tool’     Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:     Pentelin Twist-Erase 0.9 on ollut vuosia suosikkikynäni – omistan niitä ainakin 4 – mukana Málagassa on kaksi ja molemmat tarpeen!   * Pentel’s Twist-Erase 0.9 has been my favorite for years…

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back alley art in Málaga shot by BLOGitse

back alley art in Málaga

  weekend #41 photos en Málaga, España    ¡Hola! a todos!   Huh, I didn’t remember studying language is so hard work. New words, new grammar…every day. BUT. I like it!   I can manage in shops etc. even if my grammar is awful (like my English!) 🙂   I think it’s important to communicate

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