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ipad drawing by BLOGitse

digital drawings

  Hi everyone! Oooooh how time flies! I’ve drawn or practiced how to use tools and brushes with ipencil. It’s fun but not as easy as I thought… like with all new things we learn or want to learn.   For   Theme Art challenge in summer 2018   I will post under ’own theme’

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my first ikebana by BLOGitse

my first Ikebana

Hi everyone! What a busy week I’ve had. Mon-Tue in Stockholm, Sweden, Wed met a friend here in Helsinki, Thu hair cut, today we’re having dinner guests…so my post is very short today.   Last Saturday I participated in ikebana for beginners course. It was very interesting but to really know how to make beautiful

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faces29 Feb 2017 #29 by BLOGitse

last face…almost

  This is it, last picture – number 29   for   29faces Feb 2017   challenge   #29       and one more   ‘an extra man’       I link these for   Paint Party Friday   where dozens of artists show their   works every Friday…     All my

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faces29 Feb 2017 #25 by BLOGitse

29faces Feb 2017: #25-28

    Wow, this is it – end of February!   #25       #26       #27       #28       Picture #29 I will post on Friday…    

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faces29 Feb 2017 #22 by BLOGitse

29faces Feb 2017: #22 – 24

    wow, February is soon gone and spring is peeping in a corner…   29faces Feb 2017 images #22 – 24     #22       #23       #24       Paint Party Friday         Have a relaxing weekend!      

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faces29 Feb 2017 #18 by BLOGitse

29 faces Feb 2017 – #18 – 21

    Previous face posts you find with a tag ‘ 29faces Feb 2017 ‘     # 18       #19       #20       #21       More faces coming on Friday…    

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faces29 Feb 2017 #11 by BLOGitse

more faces

      Happy Valentine’s Day!     ♥     Aurinkoista ystävänpäivää!     for 29faces Feb 2017 challenge     #11       #12       #13       #14     more coming on Friday… (this challenge means a lot of work but I love every minute!)    

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with pencil and charcoal 2.

  Hi everyone!   Previous pencil & charcoal post is here.   This week we had to draw Nefertiti with charcoal. We had a plaster statue as a model…         Here’s the first one       Paint Party Friday     This second one was first totally ‘coaled’ and then I

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with pencil and charcoal

    Hi everyone!   I’ve drawn with pencil, a lot! Here are a few for   Theme Art challenge in September: ‘geometric art’     Teemataidetta geometrisin kuvioin…                         In our course ‘from drawing to painting’ medium was charcoal. We did ‘a hand’

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croquis 1 minute collage by BLOGitse

croquis drawing with charcoal

    First set was one minute drawings. It’s been loooong time I’ve done this. First minutes were hard…         It’s been a while I’ve played with charcoal so the medium took some time to warm up….   Here are two minutes drawings         You can see she’s sitting,

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