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acrylic no name painting by BLOGitse

weekend #22 – an artist from Kainuu

  but first my entry for   Paint Party Friday   no name, acrylic         details       I bought a painting (similar as below) from an artist who’s living and working in Kainuu. Kainuu?!?   From wikipedia: Kainuu is a region (maakunta / landskap) of Finland. It borders the regions

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blue abstract acrylic by BLOGitse

weekend #21 – after eye surgery

  Hi everyone!   I had a break last weekend because of an eye surgery. 5 days face down was quite hard but now it’s over! Here’s an animated video to get the idea….         ‘If the surgeon places an intraocular gas bubble in the eye (to maintain retinal reattachment while the

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abstract painting by BLOGitse

weekend #19 – abstract blue

  I’ve been doodling and painting this week… a lot. 🙂   This is one of the abstract acrylic works for   Paint Party Friday         two details of that       And some spring flowers I saw on Monday…       Have a relaxing weekend!     ps. I

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by bus to Bronte beach Sydney by BLOGitse

weekend #18 – Bronte beach Sydney

  but first my entry to   Paint Party Friday   This is how I felt 27.4.  Quiet.       And now to the beach!   ‘Sydney memories’   We take bus number 378     after 20-30 mins we see…     our favorite beach in Sydney – Bronte   Let’s continue  

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forests – metsiä #7 – #9

  Theme Art challenge April: 9 forests     Teemataiteen huhtikuun haaste: 9 metsää   All 9 works / kaikki 9 työtä here/täällä.     final three works and collage   viimeiset kolme työtä ja kuvakooste     #7       #8       #9           KIITOS! Tämä oli

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abstract pastel painting by BLOGitse

weekend # 16 – Sydney city center

    but first my entry to   Paint Party Friday   no name, made with pastels         and now memories from our Aussie vacation – Sydney city center shots. Previous Sydney posts are here and here.                     Here in Helsinki I’ve seen

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blue dream by BLOGitse

blue and mini

    I promised to show you my latest acrylic paintings –   here’s one,   ‘blue dream’       Paint Party Friday       details of ‘blue dream’     Geometric Friday is (should be) back after holidays.   This doodle is just 1 cm / 0.4 in each side – so

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doodling zentangles by BLOGitse

painting, drawing and doodling

  It was fun to paint with acrylics again! None of them is ready yet but I’ll show them one day…   Left hand, right hand drawing, pencils, markers, ink…without any plan or goal. That’s called ‘doodling’…   I learned new term ‘zentangle’. That is too strict for me but doodling is fun (I’ve done

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je suis…

        Dear Blogspot blogger:   be sure you have name/URL option to leave a comment,   if you want my comment, thanks!     Paint Party Friday     I was playing with my new tiny, slim, Conda 5/0, brush…   •   Luova lauantai /Creative Saturday   blingblingglittering 🙂    

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ice in Helsinki 25.12.2014

looks like a winter…

  Just before xmas we got white blanket to brighten Northern darkness….   This is how it looked yesterday by the sea in Helsinki…     You can not walk on the ice yet, not thick enough…       Sun was shining and it felt like SPRING, even if it was -10C/50F 🙂  

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