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trees in Malaga Spain by BLOGitse

back at home in Helsinki (Finland)

  Hi everyone!   I’m back at home, it’s good to sleep in my own bed again 🙂 The weather in Helskinki has been okay, no snow, no ice – yet. I’ve even seen some sunshine, jihuuuu!   In Málaga I photographed trees…     Look how geometric they are 🙂     Geometric Friday

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no name by BLOGitse

sparkle of light

  It’s weekend and I’ll fly to………Spain! A couple of weeks sparkle of light will be gooooood!     Paint Party Friday     Sun can make funny sparkles and patterns…..     Geometric Friday       Have a relaxing weekend!      

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garlic by BLOGitse

paint and geometric 21.11.14

    It’s Friday!   Paint Party Friday   I gave this garlic painting to my Italian friend…           Geometric Friday     reflection of a lamp light         Have a relaxing weekend!    

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learning to sketch by BLOGitse

weekly photo challenge plus others

  I want to learn how to sketch,   do more, do more and more, get better… Here’s one work I did on my sketchbook,   linking to   Weekly Photo Challenge: achievement         linking also to   Mandarin Orange Monday   and   P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday       Have

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macro, orange and ruby by BLOGitse

macro, orange and red

      Three memes with one shot.     Mandarin Orange Monday     Macro Monday 2     Ruby Tuesday Too         Have a good week everyone!    

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no name watercolor painting by BLOGitse

what’s this?

    I love colors. I played with orange watercolor, added some black. When it was dry I started draw lines. Here it is – a picture without plan, no name.       Paint Party Friday     What would happen if we didn’t have shadows?       Shadow Shot Sunday2    

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detail of ink game by BLOGitse

ink game

    I played with acrylic ink and watercolors…   Here’s a detail for   Macro Monday 2         Here’s the original ink game for   Ruby Tuesday       With PhotoScape I colorized red to orange for   Mandarin Orange Monday         Have a good week everyone!

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water soluble wax pastels painting by BLOGitse

playing with water soluble wax pastels

  I played with water soluble wax pastels. Here’s what I did in my sketch book.     PAINT PARTY FRIDAY       Do you see something in this? (I don’t!)  What would you call it?     Last weekend I posted art in EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art.   I’m sure

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pine branch by BLOGitse


      It started from this pine branch….I got an inspiration     to digitalized it     This digital version was  an inspiration for my watercolor painting, just inspiration.       Paint Party Friday     On Saturday we visited EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art     A piece of art

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dancer watercolor painting by BLOGitse

playing with colors

    I’ve been painting…a lot!   BUT. I’m still trying to learn how to paint with water and colors 🙂 Here’s one I did yesterday, ‘dancer’. I wanted to learn how to leave white white….     Paint Party Friday           One of my favorite brushes….     Maple tree

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