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books, books, books

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve listened audiobooks almost all the time 🙂 I have this aftershokz headset so my hands are free for drawing/painting/cooking etc. but blogging and listening I can’t do at the same time! 🙂 Today I’m listening Lars Kepler’s ‘The Mirror Man’ VERY scary but really good! Here are my morning pics again

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only one frosty morning

Hi everyone! We’ve had only one frosty morning so far, on Tuesday. It looked like this after this rain, grey, rain   This is for ThemeArt October 2020 challenge ‘high’ Tämä kuva on teemakuu-61 lokakuun haasteeseen ‘korkealla’ #5/6 I’ve continued morning sketchtime, it’s like morning body stretching 🙂 Do you wake up your art tools? 

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autumn eyes

Hi everyone! brrrrr. It’s cooler than last week but life is good. I played with birch leaves 🙂 This is for ThemeArt October 2020 challenge ‘high’ Teemakuu-61 haastee on ‘korkealla’ #4/6 Paint Party Friday Finally my morning sketches, sketchtime #6   These are the rules here: keep distance, wash hands, wear a mask (if you

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high sky and tiny beings

Hi everyone! How’s life? In Finland, covid-19 infections are on the rise again. Face mask is almost a must in public places, social pressure will increase… This is for ThemeArt October 2020 challenge ‘high’ Teemakuu-61 haastee on ‘korkealla’ #3/6 Here are a couple of my morning paintings sketchtime #4 Paint Party Friday #5 ‘tiny beings’

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Hi everyone! It’s OCTOBER! wow! ThemeArt October 2020 challenge is ‘high’ • Teemakuu-61 haastee on ‘korkealla’ #1 #2 Most of the mornings I’ll start with sketching, doodling… playing with colors, brushes without a plan. I’ll start posting those pics here with theme ‘sketchtime‘. Here we go, sketchtime #1-3 colorful autumn I use sketchbooks and all

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eyes in black by BLOGitse

oh no, we got first snow!

  But before snow pics here’s ‘eyes in black’ I draw with pencil for Paint Party Friday       It was hard to get black good black with pencil…       For Theme Art challenge in October 2017 ‘domino abstract’ here’s the collage of all six together.     Before snow leaves looked

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autumn red by BLOGitse

it’s autumn…

  Hi everyone! We can see it, we can feel it, autumn.   Soon nights will be below zero…   I walk and shoot photos at the same time…       The picture above inspired me to paint with watercolors…   hahah, not very good but it was meditative to play with colors…  

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my first ikebana by BLOGitse

my first Ikebana

Hi everyone! What a busy week I’ve had. Mon-Tue in Stockholm, Sweden, Wed met a friend here in Helsinki, Thu hair cut, today we’re having dinner guests…so my post is very short today.   Last Saturday I participated in ikebana for beginners course. It was very interesting but to really know how to make beautiful

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name:URL option commenting by BLOGitse

about: commenting, abstract, painting

  Hi everyone!   About leaving a comment. If you’re a Blogspot blogger you see this kind of list of options for others to leave comments:     Here I click name/URL option and after that it looks (sorry in Finnish!) like this     So here – as a human being – I need

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  or ta-ta-tango 🙂   I lost this week’s Wednesday. It was a weird feeling to realize on Thursday midday that it’s Thursday, not Wednesday. Ever happened to you?   Here are my latest pictures for   Theme Art challenge in October: ‘silhouette’     (previous posts are here and here)        

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