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macro, orange and ruby by BLOGitse

macro, orange and red

      Three memes with one shot.     Mandarin Orange Monday     Macro Monday 2     Ruby Tuesday Too         Have a good week everyone!    

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detail of ink game by BLOGitse

ink game

    I played with acrylic ink and watercolors…   Here’s a detail for   Macro Monday 2         Here’s the original ink game for   Ruby Tuesday       With PhotoScape I colorized red to orange for   Mandarin Orange Monday         Have a good week everyone!

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orange shovel by BLOGitse

shovel in orange, macro and ruby

    Colors, I love colors!   That’s why I participate new meme for me, to get energy for this season of darkness….     Mandarin Orange Monday         This version is for   Macro Monday 2       ‘rusty face’     This version is for   Ruby Tuesday Too

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