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how to survive November 2016: I survived!

    That’s true, I survived this November!   Thank you Lepis for hosting how to survive November 2016 challenge with theme ‘aesthetics of everyday life ‘   Here are my last pictures of this November. (Previous posts you’ll find just scrolling down…)     day 26       day 27      

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I need more light….

        I can’t wait brighter, lighter days!!!   26 days for winter solstice   How many hours do you sleep at night?   Normally I sleep 7-8 hours…but now I notice it’s difficult to get out of the bed in the morning even if I’m awake…it’s sooo dark!        

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soap, towels, feather and flowers

    Hi everyone!   Last week we had a lot of snow now it’s raining and most of the snow is gone…   But November flies away with blog challenges like ‘how to survive November’ 2016 by Lepis with theme ‘aesthetics of everyday life’   My previous posts:   days 1-2 days 3-4 days

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