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window frames by BLOGitse

just flowers

  Our sauna building renovation is still going on. Now my duty is to sand window frames and paint them. I’ll show you when these are totally different color!       I haven’t had time or energy to paint, draw much but all Theme art flowers are done.   Loput teemakuun kukat kollaasin kera

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teemataide theme art May 2016 kukkia flowers _2 by BLOGitse


  again, ahchoo!   Sorry but we’ve had terrible…achoo! virus…aaaahchoo!   Hubby had fever, my biggest problem has been pain in head, felt like a heavy balloon…   Somebody said it’s B virus… I feel better now but not totally ‘normal’….hopefully totally recovered soooon!   How do YOU feel, everything okay?     Just two

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watercolor fun_1 by BLOGitse

watercolor fun

  Greetings from summery sunny Finland!   We’ve had amazing weather for a week now… to do our sauna building renovation! 🙂 It’s been noisy and dusty – that part mainly done. good.   The other day I played with thin paper… first loosely wrinkled, added watercolors…       Paint Party Friday    

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