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week 21 pics – viikon 21 kuvia

Hi everyone! Oooops, it’s the end of May already! Here are pics for ThemeArt May 2021 challenge ‘colors 1-2-3-4’ #5/6   #6/6 all six together Tässä yläpuolella ovat viimeiset kuvat ja collage teemakuu-68 haasteeseen ‘värit 1-2-3-4’ One morning routine pic sketchtime #49   Have a relaxing weekend!

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week 20 pics – viikon 20 kuvia

Hi everyone! It’s been a busy week…writing, drawing, dentist, gardening etc. ThemeArt May 2021 challenge is ‘colors 1-2-3-4’ #4/6 FOUR of these colors Teemakuu-68 haaste on ‘värit 1-2-3-4’ ylläoleva on #4/6 NELJÄ väriä . I tried to draw a foot Paint Party Friday   This is my morning routine pic sketchtime #48 Have a relaxing

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week 19 pics – viikon 19 kuvia

Hi everyone! We’ve had amazing, SUNNY week! Been outside most of the days 🙂 How’s your life?   ThemeArt May 2021 challenge is ‘colors 1-2-3-4’ #2/6 TWO of these colors (white background does not count as color) #3/6 THREE of these colors Teemakuu-68 haaste on ‘värit 1-2-3-4’ ylläolevat #2/6 KAKSI annetuista väreistä ja #3/6 KOLME

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week 18 pics – viikon 18 kuvia

Hi everyone! brrrr…it’s been a coooool week but next week should be warmer, a lot warmer! 🙂 ThemeArt May 2021 challenge is ‘colors 1-2-3-4’ #1/6 ONE of these colors (white background does not count as color) Next one is two colors, third with three and fourth with four colors, after that free mix   Teemakuu-68

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end of May

Hi everyone! How are you? So, May is packed and and what? JUNE is here soon. 🙂 Before that ThemeArt May 2020 challenge has been ‘in the kitchen’   Teemakuu-58 toukokuun haaste on ollut ‘keittiössä’ #6/6 all six together / kaikki kuusi yhdessä Here are a few ink/watercolor paintings I’ve done recently. black and white

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a green thumb?

Do you have, a green thumb? I’m not sure. My orchid dropped flowers, I repotted it and now it’s blooming again! No idea what I did right! 🙂 I’m very good at killing all the plants and flowers. Let’s see how long that orchid will survive in my hands hahahah 🙂 ThemeArt May 2020 challenge

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la-la-laa May, oh May!

🙂 yes, I’m (still) so ‘May happy’! (Even though it was snowing in the morning!) How about you, are you happy? ThemeArt May 2020 challenge is ‘in the kitchen’ Teemakuu-58 toukokuu haaste on ‘keittiössä’ Here’s another rosemary and a radio which I carry with me from room to room when not listening our main radio.

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Welcome May!

Ooh, May, welcome again! This is my favorite season. Every day I can see more and more GREEN! Buds conquer my sight 🙂 L-O-V-E-L-Y When I paint I always use the leftover paint. Like this: What do you do with leftover paints, acrylics? Paint Party Friday   Take care!  

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Pacharan by BLOGitse

hello, how are you?!

Hi everyone! Good to be back. My blogging break was long and good. I’m not sure if I want to post every week during this summer but we’ll see…   How’s your life?   A memory from Spain   Pacharan or Patxaran is our favorite drink with espresso…   Before Spain I had one session

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The Saimaa ringed seal, saimaannorppa in Finnish by BLOGitse

hey, hey it’s still May

  You have still time to watch this little fellow     ‘The Saimaa ringed seal, saimaannorppa in Finnish, is one of the rarest seals in the world.’   LIVE HERE     Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been away a couple of weeks… I’ll be on and off near future too. I don’t have time to be

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