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Happy Holidays 2016 by BLOGitse

Happy Holidays! Leppoisaa joulunaikaa!

    Happy Holidays to all my blog readers and   art friends in   Paint Party Friday         Leppoisaa joulunaikaa kaikille lukijoilleni!     I’ll be back….in 2017! 🙂    

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man in a minute_1 by BLOGitse

a man in a minute

    We all are busy, busy right now, so this post is soon done 🙂   for Paint Party Friday     First quick strokes with fountain pen…         and next a few strokes with water….   One minute and it’s done.       Have a relaxing weekend (try!)!  

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Sibelius, Kusama and me

  8.12.2016 is composer Jean Sibelius‘s day (8.12.1865 – 20.9.1057) I love his music.   Finlandia Hymn is mostly sung in Finnish but these guys sing it quite well in English, right?   There are lots of versions of this piece also called ‘A Song of Peace’.       The other day I visited

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post number: 1490

    wow, that’s true, this is 1490th post!   Last weekend we visited our friend’s summerhouse (used all year round). No snow.  The sea looked cold. But I found some really green spots and grey beauties…                           This gouache painting ‘Is there

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aesthetics of everyday life: 3-4 and a sax player

    Hi everyone!   November is not a nice month but   it will be better with     how to survive November challenge by Lepis.   Theme this year is   aesthetics of everyday life   Here are my previous days.     day 3   day 4     Sometimes I like

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ink is inspiration

  Hi everyone!   Wiuuuh-h, how this week is soon gone, time really flies!   In this (and next) week’s art class we played with ink.   We got copies of Finnish artist Elina Merenmies pictures which we continued.   Left is Elina’s ink work       which I continued like this    

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with pencil and charcoal

    Hi everyone!   I’ve drawn with pencil, a lot! Here are a few for   Theme Art challenge in September: ‘geometric art’     Teemataidetta geometrisin kuvioin…                         In our course ‘from drawing to painting’ medium was charcoal. We did ‘a hand’

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after holidays…

    it’s time for new and old challenges… I started a new course ‘from drawing to painting’.   We had to draw a composition which didn’t fit on paper, make items bigger than they are… It was fun but very difficult! I had two items sunglasses case and hand cream tube      

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geometric art

  September’s art theme   is ‘geometric art’   It was fun to play with pencil again…         Ensimmäinen piirustus   Teemakuun kollaasiin   Lyijykynällä hinkkasin ja hankasin…    

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my old exercise mat by BLOGitse

colorful August…

  Hi everyone!   Oh it’s been RAINY! and windy… Rain and hard wind are good reasons to be inside and get up and do some exercise. Yes. I started this Monday…some Tai Chi, Pilates, using a foam roller (oh that’s hard but feels gooood!) and just stretching…         Look up and

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