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Midsummer weekend 2021

Hi everyone! Six months and it’s xmas! 🙁 🙂 Finally our peonies are blooming! They needed a couple of hot days and warm nights… We had terrible thunderstorm and rain on Wednesday.   How’s your weather – ‘normal’? This is for ThemeArt SUMMER 2021 challenge ‘by own fingers’ #4 Omin sormin taiteilua, vesiväreillä teemakuunkesä21 haasteeseen

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Happy Midsummer! Mukavaa juhannusta 2020!

wow, it’s Midsummer weekend! Here in Finland we have amazing weather, wow,wow! Last week Paint Party Friday linky was off, let’s see if it works this weekend. This ‘dancing queen’ is for PPF.   This is for ThemeArt summer 2020 ‘summer feelings’ Teemakuu-59 kesän haaste on ‘kesätunnelmia’ In Midsummer we eat new potatoes, herring with

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it’s Midsummer!

Hi everyone! It’s the time of the year when most Finns are escaping to summerhouses or at least to countryside to BBQ, drink, swim, celebrate midnight sun. This is also the time when most Finns start their summer vacation, on average four weeks. I call this ‘Midsummer abstract’… Paint Party Friday   Hope you all

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ink-charcoal pic by BLOGitse

18 hours 57 mins daylight in southern Finland

  Yes, it’s the longest day of the year today, 21.6.2018 Sunday 24.6.2018 we have one minute less daylight… Our summer is 94 days long. → ←   We’re enjoying midsummer at home, just relaxing. The other day I was doodling with charcoal and ink, mixing with some water.     details     Paint

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bright night 20.6.2017 at 22 29 pm by BLOGitse

natural light nights in Finland…

It’s midsummer weekend, midnight sun, the sun remains visible… I shot this the other evening     Check how it looks in Northern Finland   Utsjoki: Tie970 − Nuorgam − Tenojoki: Play lifetime   Here’s a google map showing the web cam location Nuorgam, Lapland, Finland       On Wed 21.6.2017 at 7:24 it

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peony watercolor by BLOGitse

Mukavaa juhannusta! Happy midsummer!

  Finnish midsummer ‘juhannus’ is like a mega sauna party!   People escape to summer houses, cottages, tents… People enjoy sauna, swimming in cold waters, barbecue, drinks, get drunk…   We are boring. We stay at home.   We have everything here, enough good food and drinks – sauna is not ready but we enjoy

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weekend #25 – Happy Midsummer!

  Leppoisaa juhannsta kaikille!   Happy Midsummer!         I watched a video on YouTube trying to learn how to paint a cherry,   not perfect but it was good practise!   made with acrylics     Paint Party Friday      

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Midsummer_1 in Seurasaari by BLOGitse

Midsummer 2013 in Helsinki, Finland

  Midsummer 2013   It’s the biggest celebration in Finland – Midsummer. We visited yesterday The Seurasaari Open-Air Museum to have a look how they were getting ready for the bonfire festival later in the evening.   ‘Most of the buildings and structures in the Museum are from the 18th and 19th centuries, mostly agrarian

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WO*IMA #72 = your WOrds my IMAge

you give me WOrds  and  I give you an IMAge  =  * * *  WO*IMA * * * my IMAge #72: As usual you have time  till Sunday 6 pm CASABLANCA timeHere’s a link to world clock 🙂  kuten ennenkin aikaa on sunnuntaihin asti klo 18 Casablancan aikaaDon’t know what WO*IMA is about? Every Saturday I give you an IMAge. You give me YOUR OWN WOrds:

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