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hospital/snow/moving – action in Helsinki

  Hi everyone! I had a long weekend. On Saturday morning I finally went to the hospital to get help…     The blood tests showed I had problems with leukocytes and CPR – I got two antibiotics and something to calm down the colon. Fever’s gone but my stomach is still tense BUT almost

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what a nightmare…

  What a nightmare life has been since last Friday. On Fri afternoon I went to our new flat. It was not cleaned even if it’s ‘commercial custom’ here. I booked cleaning staff for tomorrow morning. They’re going to clean the whole place. Every detail.   Previous owner just took all their stuff and didn’t

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blogging break…

…I don’t know when I’ll have time to blog again…..might be next week or next year… I’m far too busy here in Helsinki right now packing and moving. We sold one place and bought another. I have a zillion papers to go trough and either archive or destroy them… Clothes, old this and that, what

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Le Palace d'Anfa – did you miss me?

Back in Casablanca, Morocco again! A happy staff after breakfast… All my friends… 🙂  Hi guys! Did you miss me? Don’t worry,  I’ll visit you as soon as I get my nails done! 🙂 ‘Mr.Bean’: A Dry Martini would be gooood! We came home to Casablanca very early Sunday morning, slept couple of hours and started

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BLOGitse's Appartement Coming Soon > BACS part 1.

I have always this notebook with me. Writing, drawing > visualizing helps me to remember… Our photographs for the residences has been in the company’s HR department over one month. Yesterday we heard our photos are too big!  They are normal EU size but here they want  2,5cm x 2,5cm photos – over one month

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countdown started…

About one week to go and we fly to Casablanca…I’ve been a good girl. I’ve tried all the clothes on what I’m going to pack with us. And guess what – I found my old pair of jeans and they fit! Jippii! all my excercise materials are soon packed… I get excercise enough carrying things up

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