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NZ Auckland… cont., PARNELL…

Parnell, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, dates from the Pakeha settlement of Auckland in more here more pics here – lisää kuvia täällä

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New Zealand, Auckland…

ARRIVAL AT NEW ZEALAND, AUCKLAND The customs is VERY strict. Don’t try to import any illegal items, you’ll get in trouble. We heard a story: one girl had a forgotten banana in her back bag. She got 200$ fine. One banana! Very expensive one! Otherwise custom personnel was friendly and nice but don’t play games

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Auckland, New Zealand

part 3.AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND Some of us stayed in Grand Hayatt… and some in Latitude 37 at the harbour…

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our holiday trip to Australia… Australian lomareissu…

Our AMAZING trip to Australia, Adelaide (get together with families, relatives, friends) via Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, Melbourne are in photographs/video clips… I took over 3.000 photos, few will be on my blogs… I’ve started to upload them…want to see more? go here! Aussireissu Adelaideen (perheiden, sukulaisten ja ystävien tapaamisissa) via Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland,

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