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how to…sketch…no black

Hi everyone! End of November – how’re you doing??? I’m fine but this month has been very busy 🙂   How to survive November challenge b&w is soon over #25 #26 #27 Marraskuun selätyksissä viimeisiä viedään. Tosi nopeesti mennyt tähän asti. Entä teillä? Here are my daily sketches #sketchtime 20 #21 #22   Paint Party

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slow-motion November

Hi everyone! My life is very slow right now. I have a lot to do but energy level is…very low 🙂 But challenges help! Like How to survive November 2020 in black and white #18 #19 #20 or sketching/drawing/painting etc. Here are my sketchtime #18 Paint Party Friday #19 or ThemeArt November 2020 challenge ‘no

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mid November

Hi everyone! Here you are, a flower for you to brighten mid November!   This is one way how to survive November to take part this challenge with black & white works 🙂 #11 #12 #13 Opposite of this b&w challenge is ThemeArt November 2020 challenge ‘no black (color)’ #2 Teemakuu-62 haasteessa ei mustaa näy!

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