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Bye, bye calories!!!

Yesterday Mary asked in her comment about walking sticks. They are not sticks, they are POLES. Sorry! 🙂Background of Nordic Walking Nordic Walking uses specifically designed poles to engage the upper body during fitness walking. Nordic Walking was first used as a summer training method by cross-country skiers. It was then developed into a fitness exercise with specific

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morning Nordic walk & blue, calm, bubbly water…

who are smiling at me “she’s walking with those sticks again” smile? what do I see when walking around in the morning? come here & have a look! ketkä hymyilevät “se keppejä viuhtova nainen tulee taas” -hymyä? mitä näen kun aamukävelen? tule katsomaan lisää kuvia tänne! want to see more bubbly water pics? which one

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play time – canon G9 – macro, how? leikkitunti – canon G9 – macro, miten niitä otetaan?

Here are few of the shots from yesterday… Learning new things takes time, energy, self-disipline…But the most important thing that you need, is motivation… At the moment I’m TOO motivated! All my free time goes sitting in front of this…almost already part of me…this machine…my computer! Argh! BUT I’ve started morning exercise & walks… Yesterday

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