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mid November

Hi everyone! Here you are, a flower for you to brighten mid November!   This is one way how to survive November to take part this challenge with black & white works 🙂 #11 #12 #13 Opposite of this b&w challenge is ThemeArt November 2020 challenge ‘no black (color)’ #2 Teemakuu-62 haasteessa ei mustaa näy!

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theme art-57 #5 by BLOGitse

“todays are packed”

Hi everyone! This week has gone like a wind 🙂 It’s been very sunny and beautiful spring time!   ThemeArt April 2020 challenge is ‘today’ TODAY I show you these quick ink and watercolor morning sketches and all six together Teemakuu-57 huhtikuun haaste on ‘tänään’ TÄNÄÄN tässä muutama aamun muste ja vesiväri pikamaalaus ja kaikki

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top three

of this week: First I heard it, then I saw it and shot a picture (not very sharp, sorry) great spotted woodpecker (käpytikka) This morning I saw this miracle Usually all greens die in my care 🙂 This orchid has been sitting by itself. Every now and then I just put it in water and

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