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pear by BLOGitse

weekend #31 – knock on wood

  but first my entry for     Paint Party Friday     ‘a pear’   ink & watercolor     I hope you have name/URL option to leave a comment on your blog – I’d like to interact with you!     The other day   I put my camera down, down…   You

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shoes for painting by BLOGitse

weekend #30 – painting outdoors

  The other day I painted outdoors,   I found a good, private spot 🙂   Paint Party Friday   ‘these shoes are made for walking….’ and painting           Have a relaxing weekend!     ps.   I can NOT comment on your blog   if you don’t have name/URL option

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brush sketch by BLOGitse

weekend #29 – be there!

  here’s my entry for   Paint Party Friday     I try to sketch, just relax and let it go… Not easy because I’m a control freak but this kind of painting feels really good!     ♦     We have thousands of international visitors in Helsinki right now. On Thursday I was

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watercolor trees by BLOGitse

weekend #28 – summer greens

  My entry for   Paint Party Friday   is green   trees I saw from a window…         and a few close-ups       And now a few photos with green           Here’s music I love, to listen and DANCE! Do you like this kind of

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lupins watercolor by BLOGitse

weekend #27 – lupins

  ‘home made’ lupins for   Paint Party Friday       quick watercolor splashes on my sketchbook and together they look like lupins! 🙂   Sorry, no, no, joking…here you see REAL lupins 🙂       look at this beauty     What a structure, what a color, just amazing!   Simple but

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Dianthus Caryophyllus, neilikka, watercolor painted by BLOGitse

weekend #26 – green June shots

  but first my entry for   Paint Party Friday       bunch of Dianthus Caryophyllus     In Helsinki it’s green, really green!       Have a relaxing weekend!

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weekend #25 – Happy Midsummer!

  Leppoisaa juhannsta kaikille!   Happy Midsummer!         I watched a video on YouTube trying to learn how to paint a cherry,   not perfect but it was good practise!   made with acrylics     Paint Party Friday      

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just abstract acrylic painting by BLOGitse

weekend #24 – Kaarina Kaikkonen’s art

  but first my entry for   Paint Party Friday     abstract, no name, acrylics       and now Kaarina Kaikkonen´s installation “A Waltz to Life”   in The Didrichsen Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland   ‘In honor of the museum´s 50th anniversary artist Kaarina Kaikkonen has designed an installation of 2000 used shirts,

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acrylic black and white painting by BLOGitse

weekend #23 – black and white

  my entry for   Paint Party Friday   no name, acrylic         two details         I had an eye control today. There’s still a tiny, tiny ‘drop’. Hopefully it goes away and   my sight will get totally sharp with time. No glasses needed but good light yes.

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acrylic no name painting by BLOGitse

weekend #22 – an artist from Kainuu

  but first my entry for   Paint Party Friday   no name, acrylic         details       I bought a painting (similar as below) from an artist who’s living and working in Kainuu. Kainuu?!?   From wikipedia: Kainuu is a region (maakunta / landskap) of Finland. It borders the regions

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