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Mujeres y Paredes Paco Sanguino in CAC Malaga by BLOGitse

women by Paco Sanguino

  Hola a todos! I’m back at home again. Hubby came to Málaga for a short vacation and we came back home together.   Here in Helsinki evenings are brighter again – today sunset is at 8:11 pm. And no snow!!! 🙂   We visited El Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga (CAC). Here are

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Peter Dahl in Gallen-Kallela museum by BLOGitse

Peter Dahl’s paintings

  weekend #23 photos   “Peter Dahl considered his life as artist, with all the conflicts and sensations that his paintings have sometimes aroused. This happened over a dinner in Mora in April 2011. Peter Dahl turned to me and said with a weak smile, “All I ever wanted to do was just to paint.”

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raindrops by BLOGitse

pure autumn…

  photos of the weekend #41 / pure autumn…   It’s getting colder and colder here in Helsinki.   Forecast for this weekend is from 0 C (32 F) to +10 C (50 F)…brrrrr…             Boats shot 8.10.2011     Same boats the next day     Boats shot from

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Jason Martin: Midnight

Last week I went to KIASMA – Museum of Contemporary Art and I fell in love! I saw this Jason Martin‘s piece of art and I was wordless. I walked back and forth and stared this beautiful work.           aaaaaah…… 🙂   (click to enlarge image)     ‘Puritan‘ More Jason’s

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This is pure sh***** part 3.

Sorry if you’re new here and wanted something more sexier or naughty or ugly…No, this is pure SH***** = = = > S H A R I N G!Sharing is the main issue in social media. You give and you get. This is interaction.More and more bloggers and companies are marketing or selling stuff. Lots of bloggers have

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more art! lisää taidetta!

I visited an art exhibition in Sokos Hotel Aleksanteri (Helsinki). I think it’s a good idea to show artist’s work in a hotel. Vierailin Aleksanteri hotellin pienimuotoisessa taidenäyttelyssä. Mielestäni on loistava idea esitellä taidetta hotellin tiloissa. Maija Hopeavuori and her work “Black Cube” Maija Hopeavuori ja hänen teoksensa “Musta kuutio” This was my favorite… Tämä

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