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trees in Malaga Spain by BLOGitse

back at home in Helsinki (Finland)

  Hi everyone!   I’m back at home, it’s good to sleep in my own bed again 🙂 The weather in Helskinki has been okay, no snow, no ice – yet. I’ve even seen some sunshine, jihuuuu!   In Málaga I photographed trees…     Look how geometric they are 🙂     Geometric Friday

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what do I see in our garden…pihakuulumisia…

19.5.09 at 6:11 am 24.5.09 at 6:38 am today 28.5.09 at 6:34 am 22.5.09 so many buds…paljon pukkaa kukkaa… 22.5.09 27.5.09 so many flowers only 5 days later…5 päivää myöhemmin kukkia on näin paljon! 27.5.09 27.5.09 interesting leaves…mielenkiintoiset lehdet… 27.5.09 27.5.09 windy afternoon…tuulinen iltapäivä… 27.5.09 date palm…taateleita odotellessa… 27.5.09 this is how they new dates

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