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after break

Hi everyone! How are you??? How’s your November been??? I can easily live off-line life. No problem at all! But, it’s nice to be back 🙂   Ready to post last ThemeArt pencil drawing and a collage #6/6 Teemataiteen marraskuun viimeisiä viedään. Paint Party Friday Have a relaxing weekend!  

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blogging break

Hi everyone! I’ll have a blogging break – I’ll be back at the end of November. I’ve done pics beforehand for ThemeArt November 2019 challenge ‘pencil drawing’ Marraskuun Teemataiteessa taiteillaan ‘lyijykynällä’ Pidän bloggaustaukoa marraskuun loppupuolelle asti, joten tässä jo valmiiksi piirtämäni kuvat: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 We need bright colors in November! (or sun!)

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pencil doodling by BLOGitse

first post this year…

  Happy this year everyone!   How are you?     I’m full of energy after a break. Holiday was full of food, drinks, sleep, relaxing etc.   This week my art classes started again…   During the break I did some pencil drawings, doodlings… Here’s one. no idea nor goal. just flow.    

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