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CoLourFul New Year 2012 by BLOGitse

ColOURfuL New Year 2012!

    to all my readers!!!     Värikästä vuotta 2012 kaikille lukijoilleni!!!       makroviikko/macro week challenge #40     teema / theme: WATER   •   Shadow Shot Sunday   •   Sundays In My City   •   Life In Pictures    

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Senaatintori Helsinki by BLOGitse

magic in the air…

  photos of the weekend #50   Last crazy days before it’s over again…   The Senate Square is now like a small village of – Santa’s!     St Thomas Christmas Market until 22.12.2012   Tuomaan markkinat in Finnish and a picture shot in the evening lighting here >       Aleksanterinkatu

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eyes drawn by BLOGitse

eyes, shadows and Sibelius

  photos of the weekend #49   I’m trying to learn how to draw eyes. I cut these eyes from a magazine and tried to copy them with a  soft pencil. Huh, not easy but I’m not giving up. More coming later! 🙂       It’s dark outside. In Helsinki we have daylight from

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almost icecream by BLOGitse

creative madness…

  photos of the weekend #48 / creative madness   I love music, art, theater, dance…   This autumn has been inspiring. I’ve learned a lot about painting, colors and different mediums. I like acrylic paints, watercolors, Chinese ink and galligraphy brushes are also interesting. Or acrylic crayons. Add a drop of water and the

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ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

ARS 11 – contemporary art in Kiasma, Helsinki 2.

    photos of the weekend #47 / ARS 11 – contemporary art in Kiasma, Helsinki part 2.       Previous post is here > 18.11.11   Left: Statue of Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (4 June 1867 – 27 January 1951) was the military leader….Mannerheim is widely regarded, by many Finns and non-Finns

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ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

ARS 11 – contemporary art in Kiasma, Helsinki

  photos of the weekend #46 / The ARS 11 exhibition in Kiasma, Helsinki part 1.   “The ARS 11 exhibition investigates Africa in contemporary art. In addition to artists living in Africa, the show also features others who live outside the continent, artists of African descent as well as Western artists who address African

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macro week #30 'food' rye bread by BLOGitse

rye bread and wooden bridge…

  photos of the weekend #42 / rye bread and wooden bridge   Hi everyone! What a busy week again! We have guests this weekend so I might not be able to visit your site until late Sunday/Monday. Yes, I promise to visit your site and leave a comment if you leave a comment here!

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San Francisco by BLOGitse

Let’s dance! San Francisco

  photos of the weekend #40 / San Francisco buildings and street dancers   Hi everyone! My new web host seems to work fine… My flu is finally gone and autumn has arrived 🙂   But here are pics from San Francisco – and more will come soon! Walk’n shoot, no time to stop and

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I’m not sailing…

  but I shot a couple of images! 🙂 photos of the weekend #36 / I’m not sailing… 🙂   If you google Merisatamanranta, Helsinki, Suomi you’ll see where I shot these pictures.     Gulf of Finland in Wikipedia         What a nice shadow! 🙂     Water police    

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salmon in rye cups

  photos of the weekend #35 / salmon in rye cups with white wine…       Mix sour cream, sliced salmon, black pepper, garlic, sea salt. Put in cups. Let them rest in fridge at least 2-3 hrs.   Decorate the cups and enjoy with white wine! Cheers!       Shadow Shot Sunday

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