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a metal detector, heavy metal and red wine…

Couple of days ago I posted about our visit to European Christmas Charity Bazaar. Here are some pictures I took on the road. A microbus… It was a foggy morning..can you see them? Pyramids!  The Giza Necropolis Not much better…here’s a link to PyramidCam Here’s a link to Great Pyramid of Giza in Wikipedia On

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Shopping… Shoppailua…

Pyramid ahead! Tämän viikon kauppareissulle mentiin kiertotietä. Päätiellä, Alexandria desert road’lla, oli jälleen kerran onnettomuus… Lähtö (melkein) pyramidin varjosta… Weekly shopping started yesterday roundabout way. Main road, Alexandria desert road was totally blocked because of an accident – again… We started (almost) from the shadow of this pyramid… Shopping mall *HyperOne* kauppakeskus Vihdoin ostoksille! At

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