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sanded old stool by BLOGitse

sanded and painted

  Hi everyone!   I gave up sanding the sauna window frames. We’ll do it later or not… But I sanded one of four old stools. Icky brown is almost gone, it gives  interesting surface with transparent pearl white paint.     Here it’s only partly painted. I’ll show it next weekend when two coats

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how to survive Nov 2015_4 by BLOGitse

how to survive November 2015: 18 – 22

  but first missing images…I forgot to post three days!   November 2015: 4       November 2015: 5       November 2015: 6         and now days 18 – 22     November 2015: 18       November 2015: 19       November 2015: 20    

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how to survive Nov 2015_10 by BLOGitse

how to survive November 2015: 10 – 17

    November is flying fast or I am too slow…   Here are November days 10-17 images:     November 2015: 10     I won this painting in Susu Petal’s raffle – thank you Susu!     November 2015: 11       November 2015: 12       November 2015: 13  

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when it rains in Cairo… kun Kairossa sataa…

these photos taken by Nada Enan Mohamed/otti nämä kuvat You remember it was raining last Friday here in Cairo… Nada took these photos from her balcony, El Nasr Street, near Heliopolis, Cairo… a little bit different look than in our garden 🙂 Nämä kuvat on otettu Nadan parvekkeelta viime perjantaina El Nasr Streetiltä, lähellä Heliopolis

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it was RAINING today!!! tänään SATOI vettä!!!

It was so refreshing! Now the air is clean and fresh but it’s only +21 outside… Virkistävää, raikastavaa, oi ihana sade! Sitä tuli kaatamalla mutta vain hetken. Nyt ulkona on viileä, puhdas ilma ja +21…

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