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Havstenssund Sweden by BLOGitse

still by the seashore

  my summer 2013 images part 5.     part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4   Welcome to HAVSTENSSUND, Sweden! A small, idyllic pearl by the sea….               Lobster traps…                 Now we drive about 7-8 kms (4-5 miles) to

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Gullbringa, Sweden by BLOGitse

Gullbringa, Sweden

      my summer 2013 images part 4. / Gullbringa, Sweden     ( part 1. part 2. part 3. )     I’m quite sure you’ve never been here – Gullbringa, Sweden. A bare but beautiful seashore summer holiday spot.       As you can see you could sail to many destinations

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Merikatu park Helsinki by BLOGitse

Helsinki seashore and dry grape

  weekend #19 photos   Huh, I’ve been active this week! Yesterday I visited in an interesting place which I’ll post in near future.   On Sunday it’s Mother’s Day in Finland. This time we’ll have late lunch at my mother’s place. She likes cooking and her food is always good.  We asked salmon in

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