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#29faces Sep 2018 first four pics posted

      Ciao! Hello! Hei! Hej! Moin! Salut! everyone!   Just posted first four pictures for #29faces challenge this September.   You’ll find ALL faces HERE.   This is one of the four   #1   I will post faces on Tuesdays and Fridays.   If you participate for this challenge let me know

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a painting by Santiago Ydáñez by BLOGitse


  Hi everyone! On holiday in Málaga, we visited CACmálaga – Contemporary Art Center of Málaga   I was staring this huge 240 x 300 cm (94 x 118 in) painting by Santiago Ydáñez     Look at these eyes. Especially the left eye, amazing!       My early bird is from another planet,

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this and that after holidays…

  Hi everyone! Now it’s over – all summer holidays. We came back on Monday from Greece + Spain holiday. I tried to do some drawing, painting but I couldn’t really concentrate… So I forget September’s 29faces challenge this time. Here’s one I did for fun, one line drawing of Einstein 🙂     Theme

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collage and a hand – with pencil

  autch! it’s end of September!!!   This month’s Theme Art challenge ‘geometric art’ ends too.     Here’s a collage of all 7 works       I’ve watched several youtube videos to learn how to draw a hand.   Here’s my first finished work.         Paint Party Friday    

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with pencil and charcoal 2.

  Hi everyone!   Previous pencil & charcoal post is here.   This week we had to draw Nefertiti with charcoal. We had a plaster statue as a model…         Here’s the first one       Paint Party Friday     This second one was first totally ‘coaled’ and then I

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with pencil and charcoal

    Hi everyone!   I’ve drawn with pencil, a lot! Here are a few for   Theme Art challenge in September: ‘geometric art’     Teemataidetta geometrisin kuvioin…                         In our course ‘from drawing to painting’ medium was charcoal. We did ‘a hand’

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after holidays…

    it’s time for new and old challenges… I started a new course ‘from drawing to painting’.   We had to draw a composition which didn’t fit on paper, make items bigger than they are… It was fun but very difficult! I had two items sunglasses case and hand cream tube      

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geometric art

  September’s art theme   is ‘geometric art’   It was fun to play with pencil again…         Ensimmäinen piirustus   Teemakuun kollaasiin   Lyijykynällä hinkkasin ja hankasin…    

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#1 face September 2014 by BLOGitse

#1 face September 2014

      UPDATE!   ALL MY 29FACES ARE   > > H E R E < < (link:     my #1 FACE      watercolor, black marker pen     SusuPetal asked me to join this challenge. Good, because I want to learn more, keep up draxing/painting which I started again this

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