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urban watercolor sketching book by BLOGitse

learning is fun!

    This week I’ve been sketching, something every day, I want to learn more…   I love this book!     Urban Watercolor Sketching by Felix Scheinberger     I want to learn how to draw…rough and wild – I’m controlling too much, I need to loosen up!       Paint Party Friday

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no name watercolor painting by BLOGitse

what’s this?

    I love colors. I played with orange watercolor, added some black. When it was dry I started draw lines. Here it is – a picture without plan, no name.       Paint Party Friday     What would happen if we didn’t have shadows?       Shadow Shot Sunday2    

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water soluble wax pastels painting by BLOGitse

playing with water soluble wax pastels

  I played with water soluble wax pastels. Here’s what I did in my sketch book.     PAINT PARTY FRIDAY       Do you see something in this? (I don’t!)  What would you call it?     Last weekend I posted art in EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art.   I’m sure

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pine branch by BLOGitse


      It started from this pine branch….I got an inspiration     to digitalized it     This digital version was  an inspiration for my watercolor painting, just inspiration.       Paint Party Friday     On Saturday we visited EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art     A piece of art

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dancer watercolor painting by BLOGitse

playing with colors

    I’ve been painting…a lot!   BUT. I’m still trying to learn how to paint with water and colors 🙂 Here’s one I did yesterday, ‘dancer’. I wanted to learn how to leave white white….     Paint Party Friday           One of my favorite brushes….     Maple tree

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watercolor lemon by BLOGitse

water and colors = colored droplets

I joined a watercolor painting group… Two sessions behind and painting feels more challenging than before! 🙂 paper is too dry or too wet, did I choose the right color or did I paint white area by mistake etc.   But I love painting! creating!   None of the works is ready yet, so here’s

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lazy afternoon by BLOGitse

lazy afternoon

I had a relaxing walk the other day, it was still green but today you couldn’t find nature to be the same…autumn is here!   But first the face of the week 🙂   Paint Party Friday     All my this week’s 29faces are – > HERE!       Shadow Shot Sunday2  

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#15 faces29 Sep 2014 by BLOGitse

knock on wood

        this is my #15 of 29faces   All faces are -> -> -> HERE!       Shadow Shot Sunday2     shadows and reflections     Sundays In My City       old shed full of wood, firewood…     Have a relaxing weekend!    

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paraguaya by BLOGitse

circle of creations

from man-made to natural….           This is #8 of 29faces.  All faces are -> -> ->  HERE!     Shadow Shot Sunday2         Sundays In My City       art of pine needles       art of nature…       HAVE A RELAXING WEEKEND!  

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steamboats in Savonlinna, Finland by BLOGitse

coffee break in Savonlinna, Finland

  We stopped to have coffee in Savonlinna during our July trip.   The city was founded in 1639, based on Olavinlinna castle. more -> wikipedia   You can have a relaxing lake trip on steamboat…     We had a pleasant coffee break at Wanha Kasino.       Of course I had to

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