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Hotel Manta Helsinki by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi by BLOGitse

art, art and ‘art’

   Helsinki Festival 2014 has been full of happenings. We visited a temporary hotel room. Havis Amanda fountain has been hidden inside this room. People were taking lots of selfies –  here too…    Designed byJapanese artist Tatzu Nishi   Bad Bad Boy by artist Tommi Toija, More than 8 meters high concrete sculpture in

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hard rain by BLOGitse

water and water cont.

  The other day we had a short but very hard rain…       These are July memories from Kuhmo.   This part of the white-water, Akonkoski, was calm but I liked the sound of it….       I’ve been painting, trying to learn more – not easy but very meditative… I didn’t

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Lake Saimaa Finland by BLOGitse

a land of a thousand lakes – Finland

  We have about 180.000 lakes.   Here are a couple of shots from Saimaa,   the biggest lake in Finland.                     Water and water.   I’ve started to paint again.   I like to play – here’s what I did with black ink (left hand)

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summer in Finland by BLOGitse

summer continues…

  Hi everyone!   How are you????     Last couple of weeks we’ve had   hot weather here in Finland.   Sweat is the word of the day! 🙂   We’ve been traveling a bit, visiting friends and   now it’s great to be at home again…              

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green green green by BLOGitse

green, green, green

    Where ever you walk you can see green, deep green leaves, plants…. It’s been cool, rainy and grey but finally this weekend it will get warmer and sunny! 🙂     I love trees, old trees,branches….     strawberry flowers (wild)     rain drops look like diamonds     Shadow Shot Sunday2

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canoeing in Nuuksio by BLOGitse

Nuuksio National Park part 2.

  part 1 is here   We had a good day. The air was refreshing and clean. Luckily in Finland our air is cleaner than in many other countries…. Now we’re all waiting for warmer summer days!               Lingonberry’s flowers   Labrador Tea         This post

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canoeing in Nuuksio National Park Finland by BLOGitse

Nuuksio National Park part 1.

  We were Wilderness Canoeing in Nuuksio National Park a couple weekends ago. Weather was perfect and it was so quiet and beautiful…   OLLI from Feel The Nature was our leader – a nice guy who can make campfire coffee! 🙂 which we drunk from KUKSAs.           NUUKSIO is THE place

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59Rivoli Paris France by BLOGitse

greetings from Paris part 3. – happy end

    We were in Paris four days. I didn’t want visit ‘normal’ museums. I was so happy to find this place     59 RIVOLI   THE CULTURAL ALTERNATIVE IN THE HEART OF PARIS       These banderoles are hand painted, wow!       Welcome! Six floors full of art and artists!

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Paris metro by BLOGitse

greetings from Paris part 2.

    The Seine, French: La Seine, is a 776 km long river.       Metro is the best way to travel around Paris.       The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, commonly known as Sacré-Cœur Basilica and often simply Sacré-Cœur.                 Eiffel tower

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BLOGitse in Paris May 2014

greetings from Paris part 1.

  Next couple of weeks I’ll post more Paris images… This post is just pure, hard stuff! 🙂                       We walked a lot. It was amazing that there was no pushing, people were polite and it was a pleasure to walk even if there were

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