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greener by BLOGitse

green and sky flames

    Oh, spring! you’re the best season! In these shots you can see it’s not summer yet in Helsinki!       It’s going to be REALLY warm or hot next week!   But not this hot…     looks like the sky is burning…       but it was just about sunset

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shadows in woods by BLOGitse

woods fun

    It takes only a moment and we can walk by the sea or in the woods. This time I was lucky and shot many, many shadows in the woods! 🙂     Next time it will be greener, much greener!       Is this rock striped by the ice age?    

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details of Johanna Rusanen by Sami Lukkarinen by BLOGitse

pixel painting

  This is a pixel painting by Sami Lukkarinen. Here’s his homepage and facebook where you can see more of his art.   First details of the painting…       and here you can see the eyes….       And here’s the whole painting of Finnish opera singer, soprano, Johanna Rusanen.    

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tea for two by Kalle Hamm 2004 by BLOGitse

tea for two

  We noticed this permanent set of art on our walk. Please, enjoy – tea for two 🙂     That teapot has actually two pots – a samovar and a teapot.       Trees are still waiting for leaves but there are plenty of spring flowers everywhere…     Shadow Shot Sunday2  

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mukavaa pääsiäistä happy easter by BLOGitse

spring is here!

     Yes, it’s true – spring is here! A few weeks earlier than ‘normally’ but what is normal today!       Shadow Shot Sunday2     Sundays In My City          

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Finnish gift shop by BLOGitse

I saw…

  …a reindeer. Having a spring break in Helsinki?! 🙂       …a driftwood with shadow       …open sea – no ice, no snow!!! yeeee!       …a retro car         Shadow Shot Sunday2     Sundays In My City       Have a relaxing weekend!  

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shiny sea by BLOGitse

I can feel the spring…

    THANK YOU for your supporting messages last weekend!   I feel good today! I’ve even lost some weight – thanks to my strict but healthy diet. Can’t remember when I’ve eaten so much fruits and vegetables! 🙂       Shiny sea….     The Weekend in Black&White     and here you

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on a drip by BLOGitse

i was on a drip

    4 days in a hospital, I got out today. I had diverticulitis, not really dangerous but enough to keep me in a hospital. Today I feel fine!     The Weekend in Black&White     Shadow Shot Sunday2     Sundays In My City       I’ll have more photos next week.

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ice and water (1) by BLOGtse

no colors

  weekend #7 photos     Next week I’ll post from Málaga, Spain again! This will be my last trip over there before next autumn… spring/summer is perfect time to be in Finland!                   Shadows and reflections on the dark water….brrrrr…..     Shadow Shot Sunday2  

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can with shadow by BLOGitse


  weekend #6 photos   Empty can is easy and light to carry in your pocket. Why did you have to throw it in the water?   so stupid.     It was a grey day when I shot these – shadows are very modest 🙂       Thin, thin ice…     Shadow

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