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Hei! Hello! Howdy! Lunta riittää myös meidän terassilla. / Our snow storage 🙂 Teemakuun haaste helmikuu 2022 ThemeArt February runsas / plentiful 1/6 sketchtime #73 muste ja vesiväri / ink and watercolor   Relaa viikonloppua! / Have a relaxing weekend!

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weekend pictures

Hi everyone! Snow, more snow. That’s our winter in Finland! I’m linking these pics for Paint Party Friday   and ThemeArt January challenge #3/6 #4/6   Here’s one of my morning routine pics sketchtime #29 Have a good weekend! Stay safe, wear mask.

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winter 2019 in Finland by BLOGitse

different faces

  Hi everyone! This winter Finland has been a real winter paradise. This is a snow face of nature       These ink faces are for #29faces Feb 2019 All my faces are -> HERE     and     Paint Party Friday   #6   #7   #8   This is a fake

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snow snow by BLOGitse

more snow…

  Hi everyone! Oooh we got more snow, had to shovel some of it out from the terrace, this much we had it! Approx. 40 cm / 16 “       I’ve been painting, drawing etc. but just quick ones… This was really fast, ‘almost flying’     Paint Party Friday     Pilates

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acrylic trees by BLOGitse

guests, reading, candlelights…

Hi everyone!   We’ve been busy with guests but now and then I’ve had a minute to start reading Cathy O’Neil’s book ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’ (Suom. Matikkatuhoaseet). Do you know the book, read it? I’ve just started,  interesting and scary…   This acrylic ‘trees’ painting is for Paint Party Friday     Our little

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snow, no snow..what next

  Hi everyone!   On Wednesday we had a LOT of snow (white on white is difficult to see but you get the idea) – on Thursday it was all gone       It’s difficult to believe it’s soon March!!! jeeee!       Theme Art challenge in January 2018 is ’black, white and

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black ink lines by BLOGitse

black and white 1/2

  BLACK     for     Paint Party Friday       Chinese ink straight from the bottle and a few brush strokes…     details           WHITE     On our way to a friend’s summer house weekend 3/2016.       snowy branch       snowy stairs

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how to survive Nov 2015_4 by BLOGitse

how to survive November 2015: 18 – 22

  but first missing images…I forgot to post three days!   November 2015: 4       November 2015: 5       November 2015: 6         and now days 18 – 22     November 2015: 18       November 2015: 19       November 2015: 20    

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fat face profile by BLOGitse

weekend 7

  When you read this I’m on my way far, far away from Finland….   But first a watercolor painting from my sketchbook for   Paint Party Friday       I was watching tv – one politician looked like this! 🙂           Geometric Friday #18     Oh, no, snow!

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watercolor doodling details by BLOGitse

white and white

  One day I was listening the radio and doodling with watercolors. These details look like one work….     but it’s not true.   Macro shooting is great way to create new worlds… This is how it really looks.     Paint Party Friday     Snow is nature’s own paint…     Geometric

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